Tailored Private Wealth Services

With a blend of expertise, personalized attention, and a deep understanding of the complexities involved in wealth management, our dedicated team of professionals offers solutions that encompass wealth transfer, family office services, philanthropic guidance, business succession planning, and investment risk management.

We are committed to guiding our clients through every facet of their financial landscape, ensuring that their wealth not only grows but also aligns seamlessly with their aspirations and legacy goals. Explore our diverse range of services to discover how we can tailor a private wealth strategy that’s as unique as your financial story.

Optimize Your Financial Horizon

Artha Private Wealth-Service-Family Office

Family Office

Managing the entire family — including family members, family business, and the family's financial affairs and wealth — effectively across the different generations.
Artha Private Wealth-Service-Offshore Trust

Offshore Trust

The complexity of an offshore trust can serve as one of the most robust asset protection vehicles globally, providing additional layers of security and confidentiality. It represents an optimal choice for global wealth management and tax optimization.
Artha Private Wealth-Service-Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

Preserve and manage wealth while ensuring the seamless transition to your loved ones.
Artha Private Wealth-Service-Family Trust

Family Trust

Creating a family trust to facilitate intergenerational wealth transfer and the perpetuity preservation of family wealth.

Private Trust

Maintain full control over your finances through a highly confidential legal arrangement.
Artha Private Wealth-Service-Global fund transfer

Cross-Border Asset Transfer

Ensure the security of your assets with our comprehensive cross-border asset transfer planning, addressing international tax challenges efficiently.
Artha Private Wealth-Service-Structure Annuity

Asset Firewall

Unleash the power of a firewall and shield your assets from unforeseen disputes and lawsuits.

Other Services

Artha-Private-Wealth-Other-Service-CORPORATE RISK MITIGATION

Corporate Risk Mitigation

Safeguard your business with our comprehensive corporate risk mitigation solutions, designed to identify, assess and mitigate risk effectively, ensuring resilience and continuity in an ever-changing landscape.
Artha-Private-Wealth-Other-Service-INVESTMENT & GLOBAL ASSET

Investment & Global Asset Allocation Strategy

Consolidate global asset, tailored portfolios allocation and investment strategies exclusively designed for individuals or families.
Artha-Private-Wealth-Other-Service-INSURANCE PLANNING

Insurance Planning

Secure your legacy efficiently with universal life insurance and annuities.

Philanthropy (Private Foundation, Family Foundation)

Engage the next generation in the philanthropic value of giving and transmit the family's values from one generation to the next.

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