Artha Private Wealth

Artha Private Wealth Advisory, a fast growing boutique Private Wealth Advisory in Kuala Lumpur dedicated to providing first-class wealth management services to affluent families, foundations, high-net-worth individuals and businesses.

We understand exceptional wealth comes with complexity and there is no one-plan-fits all, our professional advisors of combined experience of 20 years brings together the expertise and skills required to tailor sophisticated financial solutions to each client’s unique needs and objectives.

By raising the high quality of unique, ethics, professional service, we grow, manage and preserve your wealth that spans generations.

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Who We Serve

High-net-worth and Ultra-high-net-worth Individuals
Small Medium Enterprises and Large Corporate
Affluent Families
Business Owners

Catering to a diverse range of financial needs, we offer expertise that resonates with your unique journey. Discover how our services align with your goals by learning more about our offerings.

Our Advisers

Our advisers are the bedrock of our expertise at Artha Private Wealth. Each brings a unique combination of skills and personal dedication to the realm of wealth management. Artha Private Wealth Advisors is registered as an Licensed Financial Advisor with Bank Negara Malaysia and the Malaysia Securities Commission. 

Artha Private Wealth Advisor Lim A'Jean
Executive Director
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Managing Director

Our Strategic Partner

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